Contests and exhibitions

Taking part in competitions, exhibitions and fairs is crucial to me and to my professional development.

In particular during the first steps of activity, competing may be very useful to face other realities on the occasion of contests where both technical and acoustic aspects of the instrument are judged.

Annual fairs and exhibitions aim to advertise and to present our works of art to a selected audience.

The most famous trade fairs are: Cremona Mondomusica, Musikmesse Frankfurt, Music China Shanghai e Tokyo Stringed Instrument Fair.

For more than 15 years I’ve been participated in such fairs to develop my professional and commercial relationships with clients all over the world.
I stood out in several competitions and fairs, such as:

1989 – Baveno “Premio Berta”

1992 – Bagnacavallo – Award for “Viola d’amore”

1993 – Tchaikowski Award di Moscow

1994 – 1° position at  the Triennale of Cremona

1996 – “Cremona a Paris” exhibition at Musicora

1998 – “Cremona Exhibition” tour in the USA

In particular, the result at the Triennale of Cremona in 1994 was crucial to me: thanks to the Viola, which I personally invented and designed, I ranked 1st out of 54 participants, winning the “Honorable Mention”.

Trabucchi Art Passion StudyTrabucchi His  ArtTrabucchi Tokio 2004Trabucchi Musikmesse Frankfurt 2005Trabucchi, 2005 Tokio exhibitionTrabucchi, 2005 Tokio exhibition