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What are cookies?
Cookies are text strings that websites stored in computers in order to optimize websites performances and improve user’s experience. Cookies have different features and purposes, and can be used both by the owner of the website and by third parties.

Technical cookies and cookies serving aggregated statistical that requires user’s consent

Activity strictly necessary for functioning
Questo sito utilizza Cookie per salvare la sessione dell'Utente e per svolgere altre attività strettamente necessarie al funzionamento dello stesso, ad esempio in relazione alla distribuzione del traffico.

Activity regarding the saving of preferences, optimization and statistics
This website uses cookies to save browsing preferences and to optimize user's browsing experience. Among these cookies are, for example, those to set language and currency or for the management of first party statistics employed directly by the owner of the site.

Cookies that require user’s consent
All cookies different from technical ones are installed or activated only after user's prior express consent, released on the first visit on the website. The consent can be expressed by clicking X in the banner reporting the short information or by continuing the visit on the website, by scrolling down or link. In addition, the consent can be given / refused in a selective way, by clicking settings icon in the banner or by setting the browser used. Your consent will be tracked in the event of subsequent visits. The user always has the option to revoke the consent given, wholly or partially.

Advertising cookies, directly managed by the website owner
The owner does not use advertising cookies to send adverts, promotions and offers meeting preferences user has expressed during surfing.

Third-party cookies
Through this website, third parties’ cookies are installed and could track users.

Social network cookies
They are used to share social network contents. The information acquired is subject to user’s privacy setting of each social network.

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Statistics Cookies
Google Analytics is a web analysis service generating cookies to track statistics about user’s website use.

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How to manage and disable cookies
The user can manage his cookies preferences by this link or by browser setting.
Click on the correspondent link below to access the cookies managing page.

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For further information, the user can refer to Your Online Choices.